Tweaking The Google AdSense Ads

Towards the end of February 2005, I made just one minor change in my Google AdSense strategy.

The effect of this change was incredible. The Click Through Rate ("CTR") nearly doubled as a result
of this change.
The chart below plots the CTR on a daily basis over a 2-year period.. the year before and
the year after the change. The dates along the bottom are a little difficult to read - but there are 731
data points on this chart!

I'm not going to reveal the exact income increase as a result of this change. It could breach Google's T&C
and, apart from this, I don't reveal my income figures publicly (unlike a few well-known internet marketers!)
All I will say is that my income increase was a 4-figure sum (measured in both $s and £s). I'm a happy

What did I do to achieve this? I applied just one idea from this report! Best investment I've made for years!
I reckon my "ROI" (Return On Investment) was several thousand per cent. Try to get that from any other
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