A birdwatching trip to Ecuador in October 2001 - Andes to Amazon! The humming bird here is the Andean Emerald. On the left is a view of  Volcanes Illiniza (5,266m) and on the right is Gorzacocha, an oxbow lake off the Rio Napo, in the Amazon basin. All photos (C) Ruth Traynor.

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Where we went - and when
The heart of this website - details of what we saw, and in which habitats
The statistics - lists of birds, and where we saw them
Treat with caution! But you can learn from our experience, limited though it is.
Where you can learn more, buy books on Ecuador birding online, get more trip lists from online resources - and links to other useful websites.

Ian  - not as tough as he looks. He doesn't always look like a Columbian drug baron!Ruth - memsahib in the jungle! The headscarf is a very practical garment in the Amazon basin.Welcome - and a caution!

This is not a website about birdwatching in Ecuador! It is a personal account of two English birdwatcher's birding trip to this delightful and bird-rich South American country in October 2001.

We are Ruth and Ian Traynor, from York in northern England. We are not highly experienced birders - this was only our second neo-tropical birding trip; our first was to Trinidad & Tobago (the "Two and Only"!) in October 1999.

So, what will you find here?

The itinerary is a single page which details what we did, and when.

The diary is the heart of this site. It's not just a chronological listing; we've tried to sort it by habitat rather than date.

Trip lists is what they say: lists of birds. But we have different lists for each habitat, in addition to the boring complete list of what we saw in Ecuador. Hopefully, this might give you some ideas of what you might be likely to see if you go to the same sites as us.

Advice: very subjective! What we learned from our trip. Maybe it will help you. No guarantees! We describe who we used to plan our trip, our travel experiences, and a few other travellers' tips.

Info and web links. Some (hopefully) useful sources of info that we used, which might also help you, too, when you are planning a birding trip to Ecuador.

The photos: Most are taken by Ruth and I (mainly by Ruth - I'm not really into photography). But we've relied on other sources for a few of the main bird close-ups. For all photos, mouse-over the images to get a description of the images, and a credit to their source.

As with our Seychelles Birding website, maybe this site can, too, become a small focus for other people's birding trips to Ecuador. If you would like to submit a trip report, either for inclusion on this site, or a link to your own Ecuador birding site, please


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