A birdwatching trip to Ecuador in October 2001 - Andes to Amazon! The humming bird here is the Andean Emerald. On the left is a view of  Volcanes Illiniza (5,266m) and on the right is Gorzacocha, an oxbow lake off the Rio Napo, in the Amazon basin. All photos (C) Ruth Traynor.

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Treat with caution! But you can learn from our experience, limited though it is.
Where you can learn more, buy books on Ecuador birding online, get more trip lists from online resources - and links to other useful websites.

Heliconia species - this family of plants supports many birds and insects. Photo: Ruth TraynorSources of information -
- and some useful websites

Here are some that we found useful. There are links through to both:

   Amazon.co.uk, if you are in Britain or Europe
   Amazon.com, if you are in the USA or Canada

Just click on the appropriate icon against each book to be taken to that book's page on the Amazon website.

The Birds of Ecuador - Vol. 2 ~ Robert S. Ridgely, Paul J. Greenfield
This is the field guide, and despite its weight (you walk lopsided if you can get it into a cargo pocket), it is indispensible. All 1,600 species recorded in Ecuador are illustrated and described, with a distribution map for each species. Vol. 1, which we didn't buy, contains a more learned and detailed status, distribution & taxonomy for each species.
A Guide to Bird-watching in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands ~ Brindley Best et al ~ Biosphere Publications.
This is a very handy site guide. Even more useful is that it is a loose-leaf book, so that we didn't have to take all of the 485 pages with us! Although we had people guiding us, we found this book very helpful in preparing us for what we were likely to find where... and we were able to make suggestions to some of our guides as a result of having this book. All profits from the book go to conservation in the country channelled through Equafor, the rainforest charity which runs Biosphere Publications.
Rough Guide to Ecuador ~ Harry Ades, Melissa Graham
It's always a toss-up whether we buy the Lonely Planet Guide or the Rough Guide to a new country that we visit. In the case of Ecuador, we opted for the Rough Guide. We didn't need it for acomodation or transport guidance, but we did find some of the background info on the areas we visited to be very interesting.
Lonely Planet Guide to Ecuador ~ Rob Rachowiecki
We didn't buy this one, but there's no reason to doubt that it's any better or worse than the Rough Guide!

Ecuador - Traveler's Companion ~ Derek Davies
We usually buy one glossy guide to a new country - often one of the 'Insight' guides. This time, we chose one in the 'Companion' series. There's some stunning photos, even though the cover picture of a frigate bird makes it look as if it's wearing an old school tie!

OK, so there are really loads of books about Ecuador and about birdwatching. The ones above are those that we found to be really useful. But if you want to explore further, use the search boxes below...

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Trip Lists online
I always like reading other folk's trip reports. Ruth doesn't; she feels they are trying to grip her off before she has ever got there :-)

So this is my personal info source - where I found all those marvellous sightings that maybe we didn't get!

Websites for organisations and companies we used

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