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A welcome - and a caution! This is not a comprehensive account of Birdwatching in the Seychelles. It is a personal account of a 2 week vacation in the Seychelles in 1998 by two ordinary mature (= "middle-aged"!) English birdwatchers! If you are thinking of visiting the Islands and hope to do some birding, you may find it of some help. But don't expect to find everything you need here!

So what will you find here?

  • Our itinerary - when we went, where we stayed, the sites we visited
  • Our birding diary - notes on what species we saw and where we saw them, divided into the main islands we visited
  • The formal trip list, in Voous order
  • Some 'advice to travellers' - what we would do again, what to avoid, and some useful contacts.
  • Sources of further information - birding guides and web sites etc. which we used.

What would really make this site useful is if other birding visitors to the Islands care to share their information with this site. So, here's an invitation - if you want to contribute information, which we will fully attribute to you, we'll try to find space on the server for it.

Trip reports sent to us

June 2000 report from Kim Biledgaard
October 2000 report from Christiane and Jean Faure

August 2000 report from Paola Ricceri

Maybe this site could become a focus for birdwatching on the beautiful Seychelle Islands.

Enjoy! Do let us know if you do!

Email Ian and with your comments, suggestions and kind words of encouragement.


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