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La Digue:
25 - 27 Sept 1998

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Seychelles (Black) Paradise Flycatchers
are the target species here! We visited the Reserve and saw 2 m. 2 f. and 2 or 3 juvenile males (much shorter tails). However, they can be seen in many areas within a kilometre or so of the Reserve, and we saw them in the garden of the Paradise Flycatcher Lodge, where we were staying (2 f.), in the L'Union Estate (1 m.) and along the road to Grande Anse (3 f., 1 m.). One excellent site was the wooded area east of the Sports Ground, where we found a noisy and active part comprising a m. several juv. m., and a possible juv. f.

Common Waxbills were not plentiful, but we had good views of them along the Grande Anse road (a flock of 20), near the marshy area east of the Sports Ground, and in the field next to the Sports Ground - where there was a single Grey Plover and 20+ Turnstones. The marsh held very little - just 2 ad. and 1 juv. Moorhens.

Seychelles Sunbirds were plentiful, as were Madagascar Fody (many males chasing females!), Indian Mynah and Barred Ground Doves. The Seychelles Bulbuls tended to be fairly restricted in habitat; the L'Union Estate held good numbers. Other land birds included Madagascar Turtle Doves (2 in the Flycatcher Reserve) and a few Seychelles Cave Swiftlets hawking above houses. We frequently saw White-tailed Tropicbirds flying near the wooded ridge and we thought it likely that they were nesting up there. The ridge was also a popular haunt of the Seychelles Fruit Bat, many of which were flying in the daylight. We heard a single Barn Owl screeching early one morning

The shoreline produced several Green-backed Herons, both ad. and juv., plus numerous Turnstones, which we were to see throughout the Islands. Some of the birds were in fine breeding plumage. We only saw one Whimbrel on La Digue - another shore bird which we were to encounter frequently on the other Islands.

Sea watching produced both Brown and Lesser Noddies, the latter distinguished by both their smaller size, and their fluttery flight. We also had good views of Greater Frigatebirds, with the white under-head markings of the f. being very noticeable. Fairy Terns were also common, both out to sea, and over the shoreline

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