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Newton George

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Newton George, Nature and Birdwatching Guide, Tobago

Welcome! I am a professional birdwatching and nature tour guide with 38 years of experience.
If you are visiting Tobago, and are interested in nature, I can help you to make the most from your visit, and to see sights that you might otherwise miss. I lead tours in:

  • The Main Ridge Rain Forest Reserve
  • Little Tobago Bird Sanctuary
  • Tobago's wetlands
  • See here for other tours and more details

Contact Newton at:
3 Top Hill Street, Speyside, Tobago, West Indies
Phone/Fax: (Your internat. code for T&T) + 868-660-5463
Email him at:

or at:  

Visit his website for full information about his tours and services:

A testimonial from Ian and Ruth Traynor, York, England

We used Newton George's services during a stay on Tobago in October 1999.

We had been given the names of other better-known guides, but we selected Newton because of his practical experience as a Rain Forest Reserve Ranger - one of only two such rangers in Tobago. We were very pleased with our choice.

Along with two other English friends, we went with Newton first to the Gilpin Trace in the Main Ridge Rain Forest Reserve and in the afternoon, after a walk along part of the quiet Roxborough - Bloody Bay road, to the wetland at Louis D'Or, between Roxborough and Speyside.

Throughout the day, Newton was a knowledgeable and friendly companion. His ability to find and point out many of the small forest birds was superb, and we saw all of our 'target' species: White-tailed Sabrewing, Yellow-legged Thrush, Blue-backed Manakin and Stripe-breasted Spinetail. We also had several superb views of Collared Trogon and good views of many other rain forest specialities.At the Louis D'Or marsh, Newton showed himself to be a keen birdwatcher as well as a guide, demonstrating great enthusiasm to get closer to identify certain migrant ducks and waders.

We can certainly recommend using Newton George, and suggest that you contact him either before or during your visit. Although a full-time Ranger, he is able to rearrange his working times to fit in his guiding work. (Update: he's no longer a full-time Ranger, but he gets very busy with his guiding work!)

He has a car which comfortably seats 4 people plus himself. And we considered that his rates are very reasonable, either for a part-day or a full day's guiding.

Update from Ian & Ruth: 9 September 2009

We're going back! After 10 years absence, we are finally returning to Togago in October 2009.

Since our visit to Tobago, we've been seeing Newton almost every year, when he visits the British Birdwatching Fair in August.

Since we first met Newton way back in 1999, his guiding business has gone from strength to strength, and he's now the leading Nature Tour Guide on Tobago.

We're looking forward, hopefully, to having another day out in the field with Newton when we return.

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